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Solar street lamps sales how to face different season needs?

by:SRS     2020-11-01

most enterprises have to special points, especially in the lighting industry. This is many solar street lamp manufacturers are aware of. 3 to 5 month of the year, 9 to 12 months, can be divided into the solar street light industry busy season, everyone was very busy during this time. But the remaining time is belong to the low season, although do not have so many things, but can not relax, this paragraph of time is a research and development to the golden week period, be well prepared for the next season.

in the process of solar lighting sales, most companies in the peak season will be running high, desperate to the market, in the off-season is quietly, because they feel, a sharp drop in sales, even if spend a lot of manpower, financial resources, the sales volume is also of no help, and even in vain, and the financial point of view is also very uneconomical, often dismiss a large number of temporary workers. But the off-season is making electricity operation department, the rest time, saw the off-season as electrical contractor personnel training study of season, be a good choice.

as a solar street lamp manufacturers, in the sense of season can use the product. Different products are season, such as this period of time may be a solar street lamp, solar landscape lamp these orders will be more, other time is solar lawn lamp, solar head lamp, solar wall lamp demand is bigger. Overall, each product even in the off-season, the market demand, has just not so obvious in the peak season demand. So we can according to the status quo, and thus decided to the peak season for sales, low season do market. Such as solar street lamp basically throughout the year there is a need, based on the progress of the project time and decide.

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