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Solar street lamps quotation

by:SRS     2021-02-06
Around the country government is a solar street light project subject to tender, on the other side is kept around the solar street light to transform traditional street lamp project subject to tender; Some of the government put the solar street light project and popular project made people hate, spent large sums of money less than 2 years lights are not lit up. Know why it not on local government officials to project? ? Officials and business to earn money; People spend money. What prices would be the result of how , unknowable. solar street lamp, nearly half not bright, and some bad for a year or two! Live in shibei fushan fragrant garden nearby residents found that hill street light is not bright, more and more, and have been missing someone to fix it. Reporter investigated understanding to arrive for four consecutive days, this batch of 37 2009 installation lamp, are not timely repair, the reason is that at the beginning of this custom accessories is bad to buy . And it is a common condition in which the industry, Qingdao currently installed has more than 40000 , the price also from * at the beginning of the 30000 yuan to 5000 yuan. But because of the lack of a unified national standard, the daily repair and maintenance of all became soft rib which restrict the development of the solar street light.
solar street light more trustworthy
solar street light more trustworthy with the development of science and technology, a new generation of street lamp basically changed to solar energy for power generation of solar street light. Still don't say, really this lamp or trustworthy and promotion, because it can save resources very well. Whether in where, as long as it is need to use to the street lamp, all should be actively to use this product. Actually we all know that earth's resources are limited, and a lot of resources is facing the shortage problem. So at this time would be much need to find new sources of energy, new energy and solar energy is fairly good. After using this type of street lamp, will help you smoothly to get a lot of benefits. The sun were to rise toward the sunset, can provide a steady stream of solar energy to our earth, and if we are able to good use, so it can benefit mankind and solve the problem of energy shortage. And solar street light is a good example, and in the process of using very convenient, is worth trusting.
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