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Solar street lamps purchasing what pitfalls to avoid?

by:SRS     2020-03-22

Today, solar street lights are widely used, but due to the market price of the solar street lights, led solar street lamp manufacturer's quality is uneven. Therefore, it can lead to some serious impact led solar street lamp use. So, when buying solar street lamp, should pay attention to what problem can not fall into the pit? factory for you to share: a, fake chip, low-end chips:LED lamps and lanterns is the core of the chip, it directly decides the performance of lamps and lanterns! However, some unscrupulous manufacturers use customer's professional spirit, from the point of view of cost, using low cost chip, make customer can higher price to buy low quality products, resulting in a direct economic benefits. LED lamp damage and serious quality hazards. 2, gold and copper wire controller problem many LED manufacturers are trying to develop gold-plated copper, silver alloy wire, alloy wire and silver to replace the expensive silk. Although these alternatives is in some ways better than gold, but they are less chemical stability. Silver and gold plated silver wire, for example, is vulnerable to sulfur corrosion/chloride/bromide, copper oxide and sulfide. For similar water absorption and air permeability of silicone rubber sponge capsules, these alternatives to knit lines are more susceptible to chemical erosion and reduce the reliability of the light source, and make it easier for the LED bead ruptures. 3, poor heat dissipation design, configuration is not reasonable in terms of thermal design, PN junction temperature of the LED chip, every 10 degrees increase the service life of semiconductor devices will be doubled. Due to the high brightness LED solar street light, the use of environmental requirements higher. If the heat dissipation problems is not very good, the LED will soon aging, stability is reduced. In addition, the unreasonable configuration usually leads to expectations of use. 4, configure the virtual standard, to exaggerate the configuration parameter the popularity of solar street lights also accompanied by price decline in profits. Intense competition has prompted many solar street lamp manufacturers are starting to show product standard cutting Angle, light wattage, solar wattage, battery capacity, and even the parameters of the solar energy lamp posts. Everything there is a problem. This is repeated by the customer, of course, price comparison, require low price and is associated with the practice of some manufacturers. In the solar street light controller, if the controller failure, in the process of testing and inspection, the lights; Open to turn off the lights on time; The damage; A single LED lamp bead light death; The whole lamp flicker; 。 
There are many issues that affect led street light manufacturers, which has led to the need of getting specialists trained in certain areas so as to handle all issues that may arise as well as solar light products that can solve custom made solar lights problems.
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