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Solar street lamps preparation work before construction

by:SRS     2020-11-03

manufacturer with crystalline silicon solar cells, solar street lamp power supply, solar dedicated storage battery power, super bright LED as light source, lamps and lanterns and controlled by the intelligent energy-saving controller, used to replace traditional street lamps. Because of without laying cables, without the advantages of ac power supply, do not produce electricity by the favour of people.

before construction should make preparations for what? solar street lamp manufacturer to introduce below:

1, before construction should be ready to place the foundation needed for , and hire a construction experiences of the construction personnel;

2, before construction, threading pipe at both ends to plug seal, to prevent the occurrence of a foreign body into the construction process or after construction or blocked, which causes device when threading difficult or not thread;

3, according to the solar street light foundation figure to choose suitable cement, local soil ph value as it is necessary to choose the specific cement resistance to acid and alkali, can not have dirt in the sand and gravel and other impurities that affect the concrete strength;

4, according to the foundation diagram given the scale of the , again by construction personnel determine the actual scale of construction area, along the road towards the excavation pit, pit excavation, to place 1 ~ 2 days after the end of observation of groundwater seepage would happen, if you have groundwater seepage, need to immediately suspend the construction;

5, foundation placed in the bottom of the channel is necessary to increase the battery compartment & 5 times; Ф 80 drain or according to the drawing requirements set, and the foundation soil around it is necessary to strengthen;

6, in the foundation, buried land cage on the appearance of the need to guarantee level, should choose level measurement and test, the cage anchor bolt need straight and foundation on the appearance, to choose square of measurement and testing;

7, solar street light foundation need to maintain 2 ~ 7 days after manufacturing ( According to the weather condition to decide) When the foundation after acceptance of , before being device for solar street light.

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