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Solar street lamps offer several parameters need to know?

by:SRS     2020-12-14
Many clients understand the solar led street lamp price will be very direct ask how much 6 m solar street light, 8 m how much solar street light. Asked the led solar street light prices in the industry, although not science, but standing on the position of the customer would like to also can understand, may the customer is want to know about the concept of the high price of led solar street light, but asked, of the concept of solar led street light price is not so, can tell you that the solar energy manufacturers from China want to know about the led solar street light quotation to provide what information about manufacturer can offer you quotation: 1. Customer's project site, also is to use place, because to investigate local sunshine condition, such as the same 6 meters 30 w light source lighting six hours a day, to ensure that the three consecutive rainy, this requirement, because the project need different with sunshine location configuration is different, this also is the so-called only buy right, don't buy expensive. 2. Rainy days will decide different price of led , such as: 3 consecutive rainy days and six consecutive rainy days, configuration size must be different, so the price have difference. 3. If the customer requirements of different illumination time, the configuration is different, so make sure to this configuration is reasonable lighting solution for you, can make a quotation for you. 4. Solar street lamps light pole height is different, with light power is not the same, if the led light pole and light source, power between configuration without reasonable cause resource waste, it's about the customer cost problem. 5. For solar led street lamp brightness requirements: many clients ignores this, even if the same 30 w illuminant, different manufacturers make lighting source is also there, or the same 6 m light pole, a manufacturer with 30 w for you, have a factory with 20 w for you, and manufacturer with 15 w for you, so price will be different again. If you just want to know a rural solar led street light price, it will take for manufacturer to provide the above points, factory will be accurate quotation to you. Outdoor lighting professional solar street lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in outdoor lighting project or have any questions, welcome to click, welcome call

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