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Solar street lamps of lead pollution control is imminent

by:SRS     2021-02-11
solar street lamp of lead pollution control is imminent as now electric vehicles, solar street lamp, off-grid power station on the rise, the use of colloidal battery is also more and more, there was a report written, discarding a dry cell in a river, after dry cell decomposition, across the river will lead paint, you can imagine, small dry cell, the whole a lead-acid battery pollution will have how old! And now the number of electric cars and solar street light and more. Protecting environment starts from me, we will work together to leave a piece of pure land for future generations. Solar street light battery is an important source of lead pollution, every day all over the country there are many large battery manufacturers in production with large Numbers of storage battery, day and night to sleep in the mountain and underground lead every day also had been out of the ground, the refinement, enter the food chain cycle. After chernobyl, the chernobyl area in addition to the nuclear pollution, the subsequent lead serious pollution source, pollution is also affect the entire ecological and channels such as atmospheric circulation, ocean circulation, the food chain, influence more and more areas. We in the use of lead-acid battery get a convenient time, remember, protect the environment is imminent, will not be able to let more lead into our living area, lead-acid battery processing problems, is a very important link. Solar street lamps of lead-acid battery, is also a very important topic at present. Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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