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Solar street lamps manufacturer offer different reasons?

by:SRS     2020-04-16

Solar street light is very popular now, After the new rural roads, we want to buy solar street light; Supported by the state for led solar street lamp, and USES a new natural energy, the villagers saved a lot of electricity. But I believe that a lot of contractors have such doubt, why all solar street lamps manufacturer offer different? Rural road lighting first solar street lamps, the strength of this is because each manufacturer is different, some manufacturers is older, more experienced, suppliers are more stable, so from different sources can be used to lower prices for production material, little detours, this will bring more profits to the customer, the price will reduce. There are some reason is that the same street lamp the same configuration, some manufacturers are real, earn less earn much not just good, quality also can give you enough, do not cut corners, the process is also more careful. ” And some manufacturers price is low, in addition to a channel, it is possible that, all in the name of quality do low quality products, but they have no conscience say they have a conscience. In fact, no matter where, the same kind of street lamp configuration, street light prices won't vary too big, if the difference is too big, capacity or quality can be exaggerated. All in all, the price of solar road should be determined according to the actual configuration, there is no standard pricing. High configuration is high price, low configuration is low price. Too can, of course, each street lamp manufacturer's production process is different, it will also affect the price level. 
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