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Solar street lamps mainly four big problems

by:SRS     2020-07-10

From lighting perspective of solar energy street lamp, solar street lamps are mainly lighting, light distribution and light failure, color temperature ( Light color) And so on four big problems. In recent years, the solar energy street lamp manufacturers technology changes with each passing day, optical performance improve soon. From our recent test results to see solar street lamps, organize paragraphs 27 six in the solar street light the whole lighting effect of more than 70 lm/W, up to 81. 5 lm / W; Compared with light level is greatly improved, evenness and high pressure sodium lamp has advantage; Obviously improved droop problem, compared to other light sources are not inferior. Under this background, the color temperature problem surfaced, rise for one of the main contradiction of solar street lamps, has become the focus of the industry recently. Indeed, the street lamp is the adjustment of urban night light division; , the color temperature is determined by the impression of night, solar street light is closely related to citizens' daily life. Solar street lighting is a new street light industry strength in what is now the city is becoming more and more important to lighting requirement, don't want to environment is increasingly damaged, and solar street lamp manufacturer of solar street lamp to help our biggest efforts of energy conservation and environmental protection, and security to save money and effort, so why not do it. In the rapid development of city construction in our country, the light has always been a very important public facilities, also let many of the city of designers and the government officials have a headache problem, the number of large, complex process and onerous task power lines laid makes it become a difficult problem of urban development. Mast lamps and lanterns with high altitude, the role of lighting range, especially suitable for square, wharf, etc. , function is more and more big, will be a new force of the lighting industry. 
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