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Solar street lamps lithium battery installation errors to how to deal with?

by:SRS     2020-04-14

Lithium battery solar street lamps installation errors to how to deal with? Lithium battery solar street lamps can device fault, don't pay attention to a bit device fault leads to install solar street light can't normal use, how to do? Murphy hard device for a few hours, again want to reset device? Solar street light device is simple, if in accordance with the use of professional manufacturers specifications after operation is still not normal lights, may be the following device fault.  1, the local shelter device too much the solar street light is relying on solar power. By day, solar photovoltaic panels, then converts light energy into electrical energy, stored in the lithium battery. Night, lithium battery for the LED power supply, to reach the intention of the lighting. So, sun rays can't to the photovoltaic panels or exposure to photovoltaic panels on the length of the moment of resolution the lithium battery charging power, if the local device solar street light around the building, trees, power lines and other obstructions, will affect the normal photovoltaic threatening the light energy absorption and use, lead to the lack of electricity, can't be happy night lighting needs. Solar street light around obstructions, even can present photovoltaic panels are occluded part of heating up too fast, and then cause some fever burn out the phenomenon of photovoltaic panels directly. The solution: in the case of can't steer clear of obstructions, to adjustment of the front of photovoltaic panels, ensure pv look for direction without obstructions and illumination time not less than eight hours.  2, toward the fault of photovoltaic panels let's in China due to the northern hemisphere, in our domestic device of solar street light photovoltaic panels should be enough to the sunlight in the direction of the device, otherwise it will cause the photovoltaic panels can't absorb light energy, and then drop charging power. Many attendants always thought symmetric device is correct, in fact this is a common device fault, two panels towards relatively, which side is right, on the other side must be wrong. The solution: make sure good towards stud again, toward the south in China. Abroad to see to the northern hemisphere is the southern hemisphere, a different matter.  3, photovoltaic panels on the indoor charging some people will device may the shed inside the building solar street lamps, or parking convenient daily payments. Although there's a light at the end of the day these local, but unable to reach the solar street light illumination level of electricity required to keep the normal lighting requirements, over time, will the battery formation damage.  solution:  if you want to make sure photovoltaic panels light enough, can adopt indoor lighting, outdoor charging method of separation devices, photovoltaic panels will be moved to the outside.  4, surrounded by other led solar street lamp light source light-activated and time control is a big advantage of solar street light, it can according to the season change, day and night to replace control lights and lights out, do not need artificial operation. But if around other light source, optical function will fail, solar street light can't light at night. Solution:  if not remove other light source, optical form can be set to time manipulation of the case, some fault device can do changes in installed, but some are more prick the hand, so must look good in front of the solar street lamps relevant attention to matters, for professional manufacturer of led solar street lamp, professional manufacturer will supply the professional service! ! ! 
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