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Solar street lamps line maintenance matters needing attention

by:SRS     2020-05-23

The use of the solar street light has gradually replaced the use of traditional street lamps become the latest must-haves in the construction of urbanization in a certain range, but in the face of this new type of clean energy, public facilities should be paid attention in the maintenance and the main points of the traditional street lights maintenance, there are a lot of difference between the solar street lamps factory is from a few points below parsing led solar street lamp need to be aware of problems in maintenance. 1, solar street light maintenance focus on solar panels is the main part of the led solar street lamp solar panels, light pole, lamps and lanterns, line. The solar panel is the most important part of the led solar street lamp, and solar street lamp installation process should pay attention to the point. Also, on the maintenance is given priority to with solar panels. As solar street light electricity supplying equipment, solar panels, the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, in order to prevent dust and other attached objects to the solar panels absorb solar energy. 2, line maintenance traditional street lamps line maintenance mainly concentrated in laying line maintenance, and solar street lamps line mainly for connection of the items constituting the line, so the focus of the maintenance in that link. Daily maintenance overhaul main job is to ensure that the line connected and inspection line aging, the aging line do change in time, so as not to affect the normal work of the solar street light. 3, the maintenance of lamps and lanterns  the solar street lamps and lanterns and traditional street lamps and maintenance the same way, mainly for wiring and maintenance of itself of lamps and lanterns, it does not need to do more. The place on put together is narrated, solar street light than in the maintenance of the traditional street lights maintenance workload greatly reduced, in the aspect of urban public facilities maintenance expenses can save a lot of manpower material resources, this also is the advantages of solar street light.
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