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Solar street lamps lightning protection?

by:SRS     2021-02-03
solar street lamp lightning protection? In some areas is a high incidence zone of lightning, install solar street lamp, lightning protection work is very important, so a lot of people relationship problems of lightning protection of solar street light. First of all, solar street light itself is not mine, so, when installation should pay attention to avoid the lightning often area, such as do not install in the top, top, and lower the roof under the big tree, the thunder and lightning in these places is more, easy to hit second bad , solar street light is used as the lightning protection, but the need for certain lightning guide, such as loading on the top of the mountain of lightning happens, deposit of plain areas above the need to do a good job of lightning protection, effectively protect the normal operation of the solar street light. Lightning protection method is very simple, above the solar panels are connected to a more than 20 cm long, more than 5 mm thick of a wire, direct embedded parts of , if the embedded parts, can be directly pick up regional iron. Solar street light is a weak voltage,'s ability to fight against the thunder is not strong, therefore, the solar street light of the lightning protection work is quite important. In areas where lightning is not much, of course, in order to reduce the trouble, can don't need to do special lightning protection treatment, and in thunder heart is specially treated lightning protection needs to be done.
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