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Solar street lamps light source choice

by:SRS     2020-07-06
< p > high efficiency and energy saving, solar street lamp but accessories selection is very important, especially the choice of lighting light source, light source is not the most expensive in the configuration of solar street light and solar garden lamp parts, but it is the most critical components, from the perspective of the failure rate of current, light source of the failure rate is the highest of all components of the solar street light, so light source selection, design and installation is very important. < p > single star LED lamp power < / p > < p > considering price, reliability, service life, photosynthetic efficiency, power range, uniformity and color temperature, village lamp still with dc energy saving lamps and electrodeless lamp as a way to choose, street lamps with metal halide lamp, electrodeless lamp and high pressure sodium lamp is advisable. In order to solve the problem of good failure rate of dc energy-saving lamps, also can consider to use split type lamps and lanterns, separate dc electronic ballast and lamp installation, to facilitate heat dissipation. < / p > < p > the new light source, high brightness LED, as a landscape lamp light and display the original has shown a good energy saving effect and high reliability, but as that for the purpose of lighting, solar street lamp, if you want to achieve with other high photosynthetic efficiency original the same lighting effect of light, as there is no advantage its photosynthetic efficiency, LED is not energy. For some as long as & other; Under the lamp light & throughout; Can accept lighting situation, can use the original low power LED light source than other light, so as to achieve energy saving effect. The LED light source is the biggest advantage is its long life, under the condition of certain measures, such as habitat and reflector and appropriate adjustments article solar led street light illuminate Angle, also want to make up for the LED's own shortcomings. Achieve a better lighting effect, but the real to do LED light source, high reliability and long life, the heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns and constant current driver must pass. < / p > < / p >
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