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Solar street lamps light pole what are the requirements?

by:SRS     2021-02-22
solar street lamp light pole what are the requirements? Light pole is the main supporting parts of , solar street light pole compared with ordinary street lamp, is have different demands of 1, the thickness of higher solar street light because of the high light pole load requirements, demands a high wind, light pole at the top of the solar panels, wind resistance is bigger, so the thickness of the solar street light requirements are higher, than the same specifications of the ordinary street lamp above the average thickness of 0. More than 5 mm. The thickness of the solar street light light pole except on the computed values to meet the need to pay special attention to is to keep enough because the calculating numerical prevent solar street lamp, solar panels is high bad reserved by configuration. 2, stronger ability to resist wind light pole wind resistance ability is necessary, because the area is large solar panels, high position, large torque, high center of gravity, so they need against the wind would be bigger, solar street lamp light pole requires very high wind resistance. 3, hot dip galvanized high solar street light light pole needs to have high corrosion resistance, which requires strictly for hot dip galvanized, hot dip galvanized light pole of corrosion resistance can be increased to more than 30 years, this will ensure that during the period of use, solar street light will not because the rust and brittle, weak. 4, high flange requirements for solar street light resistance load demand is higher, so the requirement of the flange is also higher, generally require more by the size of the flange, thickness is more demanding, and reinforcement requirements will increase, double-sided welding, these basic requirements are necessary.
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