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Solar street lamps light pole production standards

by:SRS     2021-02-23
1 solar street lamps light pole bottom diameter, bottom flange size should comply with the design requirements. If you have special request, manufacturer shall provide corresponding product detailed drawings for party a and design considerations. Solar street light steel material must conform to the standard. 2 solar street lamp lighting inside and outside should be hot dip galvanized inside and outside surface anti-corrosion process. Zinc coating shoulds not be too thick, the surface has no color difference, the rough phenomenon, above the anti-corrosion treatment shall comply with the corresponding national standards. Construction process should be provided on the light pole corrosion test report and quality inspection report. 3 color pensu processing, solar street lamp light pole surface color should be able to meet the requirements of the owner. Plastic spraying coating should be adopted. 4 solar street lamps light pole should be stipulated in accordance with the national standard of wind stress calculation, mechanical requirements. Lighting should be provided during the construction of relevant material and stress calculation. The light pole adopts steel welding connection, the contractor before welding joint should be cleaned up, and lay the groove by the regulation. Five ordinary solar street lamps light pole hand hole door, hand hole door design should be the beauty is generous. Using plasma cutting. One integrated mass, the electric door should with rod body and the structure strength is better. With reasonable operating space, gates has electrical installation accessories. Gap between door and rod should be less than a millimeter, good waterproof performance. A special fastening system, good anti-theft performance. Electric door should have a higher compatibility. 6 solar street lamp lighting installation shall comply with relevant national regulations and procedures of the relevant provisions. Light pole before installation should be according to the light pole height, weight, site condition to choose the appropriate lifting equipment, lifting point location and shift and correction method, the supervision engineer for approval. Light pole, when installation should be in two mutually perpendicular direction instrumentation inspection and correction to ensure the light pole position correctly, vertical shaft. 7 solar street lamps use bolt connection, the screw should be vertical, and interspersed with face screw head plane and the artifacts, there should be no gap between each side add washers should not exceed 2, bolt screw, to show the length of the nut is not less than two pitch. Eight solar street lamp light pole after the correction of the installation, the contractor shall be immediately to backfill compaction, backfill compaction shall comply with the relevant provisions. 9 solar street lamp power discharge pipe installation shall comply with the relevant drawings and specifications. After 10 perpendicularity inspection: solar street lamps light pole upright, using theodolite for rod between the horizontal and vertical degree test. 11 solar street lamps light pole overall impressions: shape and size requirements, overall beautiful generous, rod body surface is smooth, Colour and lustre is uniform.
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