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Solar street lamps light pole anti-corrosion treatment

by:SRS     2020-06-10

Light pole of anti-corrosion treatment how do solar street lamps, solar street lamp factory introduction for you. Because solar street lamp light pole is a metal materials, metal materials in the long run, the value in the outdoor, solar street light rust or corrosion would happen. General treatment method is on the surface of the solar street lamp electrostatic coating technology, surface with a layer of isolation. Such not only can solve the problem of corrosion rusty, can also meet the requirements of customers for the street light color.  solar street light device failure of  what are the main device failure, solar street light? The main contents are as follows:  1. Lighting components doesn't work, light is not bright .2. Light shining; Light delay light  3. Be according to the road illumination significantly reduced4. Insufficient or too long lighting time 5. Solar panels are occluded, pollution; Lamps and lanterns of damage, dirt and displacement  6. Device tilt, missing parts, damaged. 
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