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Solar street lamps in good use of north or south?

by:SRS     2021-03-09
solar street lamp in good use of north or south? Hear the word , many people think, now that is the use of solar energy, so the south's high temperature, good light should be the southern use effect is good, actually otherwise, the use of solar energy street light is related to the peak sunshine, and had no direct connection with the sun's radiation and air temperature. The so-called sunshine peak, is refers to in a square unit, every day the sun can provide the average capacity ( In the theory of conversion rate 100% to calculate of solar panels) 。 Actual results show that represented by guangzhou south peak sunshine of 4. 0 - 4. 5, peak and north China's Inner Mongolia region of sunshine is 5. 5 - 5. 7, so, what is the causes of such differences? In fact, in the southern region, the sky clouds covered more, air humidity is bigger, the dust content is more, the conditions of the air filter the large amounts of sunlight energy, less landmarks can accept the light of the nature. And Inner Mongolia region, day high air, the air is dry, the sun point-blank, reach the ground sun contains higher energy. With the similar of Inner Mongolia region in xinjiang of China, such as drought and high altitude in Tibet. As a result, we are doing the solar street light system configuration, can not blindly see installed in south or north, be sure to check coefficient of sunshine, the sunshine coefficient of input to the corresponding calculation formula, can know the solar panel theoretical data, then according to the experience of the entire system configuration.
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