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Solar street lamps how deep foundation pit digging more appropriate

by:SRS     2021-03-08
How deep foundation pit digging more appropriate solar street lamps in general, solar street light than ordinary street lamp lighting load is bigger, need more strong light pole and a deeper foundation pit, solar street lamps of foundation pit is according to the specific situation to decide, but according to the experience, you can refer to the following some of the configuration: 1, 5 meters 5 m solar street lights, solar street lamps general embedded parts size for the diagonal center distance 240 * 240 * 500 mm, the diagonal center distance about 260 * 260 * 600 mm, the size of the corresponding foundation pit is in commonly 300 * 300 * 700 mm, and 400 * 400 * 800 mm. 2, 6 m solar street light 6 m solar street lights embedded parts size of diagonal center distance - 260 * 260 * 600 mm - About 280 * 280 * 700 mm, the corresponding foundation pit size is in commonly 400 * 400 * 800 mm, and 500 * 500 * 900 mm. 3, 7 m solar street light 7 meters of solar street light embedded parts size of diagonal center distance 280 * 280 * 700 mm, Around 300 * 300 * 800 mm, the corresponding foundation pit size is in commonly 500 * 500 * 900 * 600 * 1000 mm and 600 mm in general, the basis of the solar street light size, on the length and the width is greater than embedded parts out of 200 mm, the height is greater than 200 mm - embedded parts 400 mm is the most appropriate.

solar street light prices constitute factors of solar street light price factors constitute the solar street light price is composed of a number of factors, including the cost of different sales channels and different product configuration will affect the price, such as network cost is cheaper, through the marketing channel may cost is lower and thus lead to the price of the product also has the corresponding lower, of course, are the main factors causing the solar street light price or the quality of the product and configuration. From the point of storage battery, due to the charge and discharge batteries need to be continually, at the same time according to different places of use, the charge and discharge time is different also, many companies will according to different place to use for the design of the storage battery to maximize improve its application efficiency and different design will make the price of the product is different. From solar led street light, solar led street light is a kind of economic, safe and efficient light, however, as one of the accessories of solar street lamps of different models of solar led street light will have different specifications, fixed number of year, will have different life can have a certain price difference, so, the price of solar street light also has some obvious difference
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