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Solar street lamps high profits?

by:SRS     2021-02-20
Solar street lamps high profits? A lamp solar street lamp manufacturers generally earn how many money? The markets were buzzing , sales is very big, a lot of manufacturer's scale is not small, to see so hot market of , one would think, solar street light high profits, a lamp, factory to earn how many money? Although market is hot, but, actually, solar street light's profit is not so high, we think the current manufacturer's profit is very thin, not everyone would like. As early as 2012, was first , technology mature, just a light 6 meters of solar street light price in more than 3000 yuan, and the price of ordinary street lamp in hundreds of yuan, at the time of a solar street light in 15% profit About 25%, by 2015, a light 6 meters of solar street light price is in 1500 yuan - The profit of 1600 yuan, still can keep in 10% About 15%, by 2017, solar street light price is in 1300 yuan - basically 1400 yuan. An average of only 8% profit By about 10%. The present market situation is more serious, is not enough, manufacturers, customers, many manufacturers are competing for the only market, constantly keep prices down, lead to a vicious competition, eventually everyone didn't profit, in order to squeeze some meager profit, some manufacturers began to cut corners, so everyone is emulated, market more do more bad, more does more low prices, product cut corners increasingly serious, and even appeared on the market many far below cost, very worrying!
the design of solar street light is very diverse
the design of solar energy street light very diversification with the development of urban traffic speed accelerating, each city to the construction of street lamp demand also become very urgent. After all, the urban traffic development is absolutely will not be able to leave the set off of street lamp lighting. Therefore, the design of cities will be in the street lamp on the selection of exceptionally beautiful idea, everyone wants to own more rich individual character of urban construction. So, in order to be able to well meet the needs of urban construction, purchase of solar street light is definitely a wise choice, absolute can well meet the needs of urban development. This street light personalized features more obvious, diversified design is put into use, will add a bright scenery for urban construction. Because the design of the lamp is very diversified, the use of these lamps can not only provide sufficient for road lighting, also can reflect a city's unique culture, showing the unique charm city. Therefore, actively grasp the solar street light, in a timely manner to be put into use, it can build a good feeling to their lives.
custom made solar lights solar light is generally used to led street light manufacturers.
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