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Solar street lamps factory site choice what requirement?

by:SRS     2021-03-12
Solar street lamps factory site choice what requirement? If the manufacturer's development is inseparable from the development of the economy, and is in such a case, we will have a lot of attention, so in the economic development at the same time, we will not only to choose of all kinds of situation, so there will be a lot of feelings is in this case you will pay attention to factory site choice? Under the manufacturer to explore the cause of development speed, you will have attention to these conditions, if carefully look for, can know this and the site selection of solar street lamp manufacturers have a great relationship. So when choosing what to pay attention to? First of all, when choosing to pay attention to near technology development zone or industrial park, so the development of technology, economy will have security, in addition, you can also to focus on the area of the site, it is best to choose the area is large, so that is conducive to the expansion, it is in such a case, we will have a lot of ideas, to solve the problem of expanding manufacturer. Of course if you carefully attention also find a lot of the requirements of the master, manufacturer of solar street light will be better and faster development.
the development of factory key
manufacturer focus on the development of solar street light as a kind of environmentally friendly products by the broad masses of people chase after hold in both hands and love, solar energy as an inexhaustible energy can greatly save the according cost, popular speak be during the day the sun radiant energy through a certain way to store it inside the battery, but in the evening when the energy released by leds. Solar street light without the laying of underground cables, also do not need ac circuit of power supply, has obvious advantages compared to the traditional street lamps, nowadays, factory send in solar cell and its components development focus on the development and design of a good solar cells tend to have longer service life, more efficient energy storage effect, more stable supply of energy, it also makes the stand or fall of solar cells as the symbol of the success of a product. Battery accessories such as panels, of course, the Angle of design, the wind design, control system and surface treatment and so on all affect the quality of solar street light and use fixed number of year, as a result, these are the key direction of the development of the solar street light manufacturer.
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