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Solar street lamps factory introduce power of lamps and lanterns

by:SRS     2020-07-04

A mature market is competitive market, but a disorderly competition in the market is hardly a healthy market. When the entire industry in mire of 10 meters of solar street light price competition instead of relying on technological innovation, product design, good service, the damaged is not only the user, and the industry itself, many brands may not be, but it is one of the causes of this mess. Especially in the current climate, a mere 10 meters to the customer a very low price or solar street lamps provide good 10 m solar street light products is not enough, also need to have a strong team to help them plan plan, has a strong marketing team to help them live. At the same time, to 10 m solar street lamps factory also want to keep close communication with dealers, through dealers understand and pay attention to the needs of the consumers, and through them to get market needed product. So as to better target the arrangement of production effectively save production loss, reduce inventory, lower the price of 10 meters of solar street light, and save resources can be better to support the distributors in the market, thus forming a virtuous circle, achieve win-win situation. In recent years, China's solar energy street lamp installation quantity in improving market, according to preliminary estimates, by 2015 China's solar energy street lamp market scale is about 23 billion yuan; Installed solar lighting products as the overall market in China will be more than 45%, huge market space. In outdoor lamps and lanterns, the development potential of the largest solar street lamps, become the most representative of outdoor lighting application of solar street light. Solar street lamps and lanterns has always been with high power and small power, at present the two pieces of mainly appears as less power to participate in the enterprise, and small power entrants. Because of the high power 10 meters of solar street light relative to the low power solar street light regardless of money or technical threshold is relatively much higher, so the past a lot of new entrants are in the field of small power. Although the current power 10 meters market is not as good as small power so intense solar street lamp, but have seen a lot of 10 m solar street lamp manufacturers began to cut into the field of high power, high power market in the future are also expected to become more competitive. Rather small power market may slowly gradually concentrated, finally to put some weaker, product line is broad enough to eliminate small business out of. Such 10 meters market shift, solar street lamp for 10 m solar street lamps factory, because of the advantage in the past has been in power market, this is bound to bring me a little, but as long as the factory insist on getting the product development direction and the good quality, its impact on the markets of the future will not be too big, but will also ensure factory performance, as usual, while maintaining stable growth. 
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