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Solar street lamps factory how to meet the needs of individualized market

by:SRS     2020-07-02

Products, is not equal, and is suitable. Brand, is not the size, but in strength. Service, lies not in length, and is in place. In the flourishing age of solar street lamps, the end user group of questions, still the resolution the lifeblood of the solar street light manufacturer.  1, the battery power of the solar street lamps factory? Our solar cells convert power into 18%, thus advance solar cells convert power, reduce the cost of unit power, is of the main points of the solar energy research and solar street lamps factory in 2020.  2, the application of the solar street lamps factory scale far? Now the use of solar energy street lamp is very wide, in addition to a single high-speed, the main have higher request for the lighting, the other road lighting requirements can be satisfied, and the solar street light is famous for clean, save electricity, safety, so throughout used in house, community, rural township roads, hospitals, schools, etc. Followed the progress of the technical level of the solar street lamps manufacturer of solar street lamp, also bound to universal access to use. 3, solar street lamp manufacturer how long battery life. Battery life lies in the energy storage element. Solar battery life generally in more than 20 years, the average battery life is 2 ~ 3 years. Processing and energy storage capacitor, can surely in extent measure intervals. The use of the energy storage capacitor life can reach more than 10 years, and the control circuit are briefly, but high price constraints, the use of it, now only use on the part of the traffic lights and chandeliers. However, follow the technology and economy, it will be the solar street lamps factory, most expectations become, and the ambition of form a complete set of solar battery energy storage element. 4, solar street lamps factory after-sales service? Because of the use of solar energy street lamp life long, solar street light, for example, its after-sales service hit three aspects: one is fault repair; Secondly, the technical training; Three is the product promotion. In the warranty period, and guarantee the quality supply two years free service for the customer, the equipment fault repair warranty period free on-site solar street lamps, on-site installation and debugging and training, the use of solar energy street light products maintenance technology advance equipment promotion service for free, timely product promotion to customers. Outside the shelf life, for clients to supply solar street light equipment paid lifelong maintenance.  5, the product of manufacturer of solar street light varieties have? Solar street light products should demand. Some of the local customers purchase solar street lamp, customized according to the local actual situation, for example, house style, school environment, national characteristics may be local flavor. factory, bend force to help customers choose style of street lamps, technical plan, reasonable sample specimen, and adjustable equipment, to meet the personalized demand in the future. 
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