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Solar street lamps encountering how repair?

by:SRS     2020-03-22

Now led solar street lamp used by more and more people, but the street light suddenly. How to repair? Solar intelligent street lamp manufacturers today teach you several detection methods:  1. For solar street lamps controller: the red light on the controller says it is charging, the flashing red light says the battery is full, the controller is in small current pulse charge. Yellow light said the battery has power of the controller, unable to normal light. If the battery disconnect and reconnect, the light will light up again. At this point, the controller is detected after a day's rechargeable battery capacity increase, rather than the battery float voltage increase. 2。 Battery detection: normally the battery charge and discharge is normal. If testing when the voltage is higher than 12 v, load connection within a short period of time after the voltage drop, that damage to the battery; In addition, when the water into the waterproof casing, across the electrodes due to the short circuit, battery may lead to voltage instability. Usually, when the voltage is high, it is high and low. Due to the water, the excessive discharge of battery voltage drop to less than 10 v. At this point, the battery in the normal small current loop can be normal use after the charge and discharge. If you can't normal use, need to change. Three years later, the lead-acid battery will lead to the solar led street lamp closed ahead of schedule, or because of a reduction in rainy days reduce capacity. This is normal phenomenon. 3。 Led light source detection: under the condition of the battery voltage is normal, light source can be normal work. For example, if the solar led street lamp does not light, the light source of the positive electrode and negative electrode can be directly connected to the battery positive electrode and negative electrode for testing. If the light can light up, the show that light is good, the controller without lights for power supply. So we must wait until the battery fully charged again. Only when the voltage rise, it can work normally. If lamp is connected directly to the battery and the light not bright, suggests that there is something wrong with the light source, the need to contact the manufacturer for replacement.  4。 Solar street light panels detection: if solar panels connection is not strong, cannot normal charging solar led street lamp, its characteristic is usually a voltage but no electricity. This phenomenon is panel wire connection is not correct, open the back of the panels cover the black appliances, voltmeter and ammeter can be directly detected data. If the panels on the aluminum foil is not directly detected currents, suggests that panels has a problem, need to change. 
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