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Solar street lamps common fault analysis

by:SRS     2020-06-18

Along with the advancement of sustainable development strategy, make the ecological protection and development of new energy has become in recent years in our country and even the world especially attaches great importance to the issue. The working principle of solar street light, relying on energy sources like solar panels to absorb the sun light during the day, use of solar energy into electrical energy, stored in a storage battery, by setting a good time, fixed point light. Why not bright? A, if there's any obstructions, such as trees, buildings,if the installation where there is shelter will directly affect the solar panels absorb energy, less energy to reduce conversion rate.  (2) is installed in the low-lying, stagnant water. In this environment for a long time can reduce the birthday noodles of solar street light, influence power. 3, solar street lamp manufacturers choose, if you blindly pursue low price, and chose some bad parts. As we all know, the general battery life for 3 years or so, if you only the pursuit of low prices, some not normal manufacturer is likely in a single, sell goods to provide some two or three line of the battery. Besides, there are components, it is recommended that you choose normal manufacturer, and not because the price reason, crazy is the choice of the grade B, grade C components. Although these components can be used, but are often cut corners, shoddy products, so the price is so low. The world is fair, when you are in a kind of method to deal with your client at the same time, in the near future will be avenged, if interests are the way of stealing, cheating, the market will give you a loud slap. Back to the beginning of the article, 6 m solar street light in order to low down the configuration? The answer is clear. 
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