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Solar street lamps characteristics is introduced

by:SRS     2020-06-09

solar street light characteristics is introduced: 1. and lanterns USES high brightness light source, color is optional, White, yellow) ; According to use the site area, can choose different color source of TPS, under normal circumstances: city road lighting and road lighting using 3000 - country 4000 k lamp bead color temperature for white light source. Need to have strong penetrability for fog light source, can choose more than 6000 k color TPS. Domestic market now use more LED lamp bead light source for: pury, cory, sharp crystal lamp bead. 2. Working voltage 12 v solar street lamps, absolute security; 3. in the solar power can be made according to user needs to use site size, life is more than 25 years;  4. Solar street lights are equipped with free maintenance lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries; 5. with preventing overcharge, discharge protection and electric, when the solar controller control, manual function; 6. for time & ge; 8 hours/day, rainy 8 - continuously Ten days, still can normal night lighting;  7. light 6 ~ 12 meters high. According to the custom lighting road width and distance light pole height. street light output short circuit protection, solar cells by the protection, storage battery against protection;  9. solar street light under-voltage and over-voltage protection against shock; Equalizing charge; 10. solar street light temperature compensation ( With automatic identification of temperature sensor is online) ; 
The global market was valued at led street light manufacturers in custom made solar lights and is expected to reach a market value of led street light manufacturers by custom made solar lights, with a CAGR of led street light manufacturers during the forecast period.
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