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Solar street lamps can replace mains street lamp

by:SRS     2020-05-21

Energy is divided into a lot of kinds, which is an important source of energy grid lamp. But in the past few decades, mains street lamp is playing a very important role. Mains street light prices in recent years, however, and the emergence of the solar street light is to let the utility lights an awkward situation, then can completely replace the mains street light on the role of the solar street lamps? Let professional manufacturers to introduce the led solar street lamp. For the moment is, indeed, very obviously, the advantages of led solar street lamp is cheap. Relative to the grid lamp price rise, the price of solar street light has been very stable, so there are a lot of solar street lamps in Beijing now. Despite the special advantages of solar street light, but in terms of the present situation, to popularize solar street lamps or over a period of time. Many cars can't complete, mains street light energy is still the main energy of these vehicles, so the development of solar street light still need to adapt to a period of time, as for the present situation is unlikely, so completely replace the mains street light vision still need time to slowly. 
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