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Solar street lamps can be used in charging at night during the day

by:SRS     2020-06-30

Sunlight for energy, solar street lamps mainly charging use at night during the day, do not need to be complicated, expensive pipe laying, can adjust the layout of the lamps and lanterns, safety and energy saving no pollution, no manual work is stable and reliable operation, saving electricity maintenance free. Solar street lamp manufacturer of solar street lamp system by solar energy battery components ( Including stent) , LED lamp holder, the control box ( There a controller, battery) And solar street lamps light pole a few parts. Panels, solar street lamp lighting 127 wp/m2, efficiency is higher, the wind resistant design for the system is very good; With 1 w white LED solar street light lamp holder part on the printed circuit board in yellow and 1 w LED integration as a certain distance between lattice as a plane light source. 
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