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Solar street lamps before the construction of crime scene investigation?

by:SRS     2020-06-13

What should be done before the construction of solar street lamp on-site? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: Some installation point there is no guarantee that the sun's rays is point-blank, so to adopt the way of centralized power supply distribution to install solar street light, make the solar street light project can run smoothly. Centralized power supply due to solar street lamps used for centralized power generation lighting, solar radiation for street light and solar panel installation site has special requirements, on-site survey before installation must be installed on site. The content of the exploration mainly has: check installation sections of roads and solar panel installation location on both sides of the shade, such as trees, buildings, etc, there are trees or buildings blocking may affect illume and daylighting, measuring its height and distance with installation site, calculate and determine whether it affects the solar modules lighting and street lighting. Solar panel and street lamp installation position over whether there is cable, wire, or other solar panel and street lamp installation facilities ( Note: the installation of a system) is forbidden under the high tension line.About solar panels, lamp installation parts whether there is cable, optical cable, underground pipe or other influences the construction of facilities, have banned the construction mark, etc. When installation, as far as possible to avoid the above facilities, really can't avoid, please contact the relevant departments, agreed rear can construction. < / p > < p > avoid installed in low-lying or easy to cause water location. On-site photos for installation location. Measurement section, length, the width of mask parameters such as height and distance, the record along road and and photos and other information provided to designers for reference. 
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