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Solar street lamps become a site's favorite

by:SRS     2021-03-01
Solar street lamps become favorite site not only become the main road lighting lamps and lanterns is one of the , and become the main construction site temporary lighting lamps and lanterns, the reasons are as follows: 1, convenient installation, no wiring solar street lamp installation is simple, easy to use, use very convenient on site, and was relieved from the tedious wiring work, can be installed at any time, while ordinary street lamps need slotting trenching, wiring, the cost is very high. 2, affordable solar street light price is not high, very suitable for site use, can save a large amount of electricity 3, can remove the migration has mobility, use a site is complete, can be migrated to elsewhere, can be installed using, an investment used multiple times. 4, high safety due to the solar street light was relieved from the wiring, do not need to decorate in the excavation of frequent site of underground cables, there would be no cause for excavation of cable faults, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents. 5, wide adaptability, more extensive adaptability than ordinary street lamp, in the region, electricity is scarce, the advantages of more apparent, in some areas, power was very nervous, can only meet the minimum requirements for the construction site, in some places even use diesel generator to complement the lack of electricity, this time, the role of the , are more obvious.

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