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Solar street lamps became farmers to be bestowed favor on newly

by:SRS     2021-01-30
Solar street light became a vegetable farmers to be bestowed favor on newly in jiangsu sand head town, here are very famous green vegetable base, every day have one thousand catties of green vegetables were sold in the farmers' markets and restaurants, in order to guarantee the supply of vegetables, every day and night the fields in the work, in the evening, the flashlight and head lamp, became a common configuration. Farmers in order to long term, ready to install several streetlights, first of all, street lamps need to laying cable, in addition to industrial electricity charges, counted down, dozens of street lamp installation, also need a lot of overhead, and electricity, will be more than ten thousand a year, spending is quite large. So we suggested that the farmer use solar solar street light. Price as ordinary solar street lamp, solar street lamps key is not to need to laying cable, including installation, installed after the price is cheaper than the mains solar street lamp, and don't need electricity, if count the cost of the battery replacement, has dozens of dollars a year of electricity, consisting of or more cost-effective. When solar street lamps light up the whole farm is full of light, at night, dozens of light, solar street lamps, illuminating the farm workers no longer need all. and and head lamp to work, is very convenient, very light. The other farmers around after see effect, are said to order solar solar street lamp, solar street light became a vegetable farmers to be bestowed favor on newly.

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