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Solar street lamps battery components to identify the good or bad?

by:SRS     2020-05-29

The battery led solar street lamp components how to identify? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows:  the merchants, to see the suppliers of components, whether industry mainstream brands, big brands of components can ensure the quality assurance and after-sales service. 2 see welding process, the cell string if there is any leakage welding welding, which can directly see through the appearance. Three see the quality of the back pressure, pressure have uneven, or air bubble, drape, etc. To find out is not hard to bubbles and fold, can be seen in the sun.  4 look quality of border, is strict in a rectangular, error is too big. Five conversion rate, high conversion rate is the guarantee of stable income! This is don't see the surface of the conversion efficiency, need to compare the component parameters. Electricity development trend of solar street light .In the solar street lamp industry, many manufacturers are using the new model for sales, led solar street lamp this is electricity sales network. Especially with the development of WeChat and WeChat platform, micro display, micro order, micropayments the emergence of a series of sales process, such as direct sales network into the center of gravity of the light pole market consumption. Light pole on the market, the previous offline channel perfect manufacturer to open network mall, will impact because of the price system, cross-regional sales of collective boycott by the dealer, but through the light pole line segment, channel sharing, interests bind a variety of measures such as the specification of the offline dealers, too, were pleased. Numerous light pole brands have big electric business platform, or the construction of electric business platform, enough to prove that light pole electricity industry development trend is unstoppable. 
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