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Solar street lamps and the LED street lamp lateral comparison

by:SRS     2020-12-23
For night lighting lamp for us, may be a lot of people think is the same, is the electricity use, but haven't noticed that in fact is not the same. Some are LED street lamps, electric, some are solar street lamps, so, someone will ask that is good and the LED street light electric solar street light? Let outdoor lighting outdoor solar street lamps engineer took us to understand the solar street lamps and the LED street light electric contrast. Outdoor lighting - Outdoor lighting, solar street lamps Compared to the LED street lamp 1, low carbon life electric: solar street lamps have the sun in the daytime, the solar energy directly into electrical energy, stored in a storage battery, light sensors automatically open in the evening, lighting, no pollution, pure green, no exhaust gas and so on. Mains LED street lamp, electricity consumption per night, monthly electricity costs are high, and the generation of electricity consumes a lot of energy, produce waste gas, is not conducive to environmental protection. Comparison, installation: installed solar street lamps, no foundation, no wiring, don't wear tube, only make a cement base and do a cell pit within 1 m, use galvanized bolt can, want to install to which is installed in which! The use of electric, LED street lamp, energy-saving lamp is more complex, the first thing to auxiliary cable, trenching cloth tube, pipe threading, backfill, such as a large number of civil engineering construction, a lot of manpower, if there is no reserve is the start line, want to add a street lamp also need to recreate excavated roadbed, wiring diagram design, construction, and then if the line appears short street, maintenance is very troublesome, cost is very high. 3, safety contrast: solar street lamps use 12 - 24 v low voltage, less hazardous, is plot or ecological park, the municipal department of choice. LED street lamp, generally is 220 v voltage, road to change, the sewer construction, and pavement laid will have a lot of hinder, will also have certain risk, may also be dangerous for street lamp itself. Price solar street lamps, solar street lamps factory, city solar street lamp, lithium battery manufacturer solar street lamps, solar street light.

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