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Solar street lamps and ordinary street lamps have a gap?

by:SRS     2020-03-28

Led solar street lamp and ordinary street lamps are installed on the road on both sides of the street lamp, its main function is to give road light, to guarantee the normal passage of vehicles, to reassure the pedestrian safety on the side of the road traffic. Small make up today and share are: solar energy street light and ordinary street lamps have a gap? Below we respectively from the cost of installation and transportation process to analyze.a, ordinary street lamp on the installation cost ordinary street lamp, installation expenses according to different size, the price is different also, the size, the greater the related cost is higher, compared with the solar street light, solar street lamps to save a lot. 2, solar street light on the cost of installation cost is higher than ordinary street lamps, led solar street lamp at the same time also has greatly improved in terms of quality. If it is the same size of the construction, all costs are taken into account, the lamps and lanterns of the initial investment of solar street lamps and ordinary upfront costs. 3, ordinary street lamps in the process of transportation1, significantly higher than ordinary street lamp solar street light transportation costs, and large amount of costs will increase.2, requires a lot of power of ordinary street lamps, and solar street light, does not need to support additional electricity, and longer service life. 4, solar street light in use process1, solar street light easily affected by the weather and environment, it is can use technology to change this kind of stability and control way. 2 more independence, solar street lamp, under the condition of the development of science and technology more quickly, more easy to control. Solar street lamps and ordinary street lamps have a gap? Compared with ordinary street lamp, solar street lamps are the obvious advantages, is more popular with the market. It's the future brighter. But to choose a good solar street lamp, choosing a factory of street lamp is very critical. 
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