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Solar street lamps and ordinary street lamp light, which good?

by:SRS     2020-04-23

And ordinary street lamp which one of the most practical? This topic has always been controversial, say what good, according to the current solar street lamps were alive with the current market at that time a lot of want to install the lamp unit not hesitate choose solar street lamp, so the two really have substantial differences in use? Small make up is to introduce to you today. First let us know the cost between the two problems. According to 6 m light pole, a set of ordinary 6 m street light configuration a lamp that 20 w LED lamps and lanterns, with embedded parts cost around 700 yuan (about Medium quality) 。 The same set of 6 m led solar street lamp, configure a light 20 w LED lamps and lanterns, a piece of 80 ah battery, a 80 wp solar panels, an embedded parts, a controller, a full set of cost around 1900 yuan (about Medium configuration, medium quality) 。 Can see very clear, the price of solar street light are ordinary street lamp price of 1. Seven times, and we put aside the price, and then to compare the service life of both. The service life of the ordinary street lamp is determined by the LED lamps and lanterns, because part of the ordinary street lamp is light pole and the lamp holder, can say it is a bad quality of the light pole with a 15 years is not a problem. The life span of a theory of LED lamps and lanterns is 100000 hours, even if the actual use only 50000 hours, that within 15 years is also safe and sound. The service life of the solar street light is not simply determined by LED lamp holder, but a battery, a lot of battery manufacturers warranty is given for three years, the longest service life for 5 years, that is to say from installed to use five years later, working ability of the battery will be discounted or completely lost. Replace a battery costs at least 500 yuan ( Including artificial) 。 See here we should have a general understanding, illustrate the data just to let you figure out some necessary knowledge, don't blindly follow, as a manufacturer for led solar street lamp, we hope that more and more people are using solar street light is good, but whether it's out of pity or based on the social benefit, these problems still need to let everyone know. Personal advice, if construction wiring is not too difficult, try to choose the ordinary LED street light, can be said to be once and for all. Like a mountain area, or inconvenience trenching wiring area, inevitably is the preferred solar street lamps lighting products.
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