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Solar street lamps and mains street light on why different price

by:SRS     2020-06-30

In mains lighting engineering has a complex operating procedure, first of all, laying cable, here will provide the cable trench excavation, laying of drainage tubes, pipe threading, such as large backfill foundation engineering. Then for a long time of installation and debugging, solar street lamp installation is simple: installing solar lamps and lanterns, without laying a complex circuit, as long as do a cement base, and then use stainless steel screws. By solar energy street lamp manufacturers to introduce below.  1. the mains lighting electricity high:  high electricity mains lighting lamps and lanterns have fixed work, to long-term continuous lines and other configuration for maintenance or replacement, maintenance costs increasing year by year. Solar lighting lamps and lanterns from electricity, solar lighting lamps and lanterns is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, three years to pay back your investment, long-term benefit. 2 contrast three mains lighting has a safety hazard: mains lighting lamps and lanterns is due to the construction quality, landscape engineering, material aging, the conflict of the power supply is not normal, gas pipeline and so on have many safe hidden trouble.  solar street light the advantages of solar street light without a safety hazard: solar street light is very low products, safe and reliable operation. Green environmental protection, for noble ecological community development and promotion of the new selling point; Sustainable property management to reduce costs, reduce the owner's public share part of the cost. To sum on contrast, solar street light safety without hidden trouble, energy saving and consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control of inherent characteristics, such as maintenance free will for the building of sales, municipal engineering construction directly with obviously available advantage.  1. in terms of the product itself price and initial investment cost, solar street light to be higher than regular lamp cost. 2. if according to the operation cost and the service life of 15 years street lights maintenance cost into consideration, solar street lamps to what happens in life cycle cost is lower than the total cost of general lamps and lanterns. And the larger distance line power loss and lamps and lanterns of open control system and management personnel salary and relevant cost is taken into account the actual cost greater than the expected costs in this table. 3. operation maintenance, common lamps and lanterns is significantly higher than the solar street lamp, and as the growth of the use of time more and more high, Electricity, manual, etc. ) . 4. security, stability, solar street light maintenance free, absolutely safe, will not get an electric shock accidents and can be controlled by changing the way to enhance its stability. And ordinary lamps and lanterns is relatively safe, performance is stable, perennial need maintenance, and exist in the floods and rainy day the leakage often occurred in the deadly accident. But vulnerable to power outages, electricity and other factors and cannot be used properly, and along with our country energy power supply is increasingly shortage of this kind of situation will occur frequently and increasingly prominent. 
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