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Solar street lamps 6 big advantage is that?

by:SRS     2020-07-11
Six of the advantages of solar street lamp 1, energy, environmental protection and energy saving solar energy as a kind of clean renewable energy, green environmental protection no pollution, energy is widespread, for low cost. 2 strong solar street lamp power supply with high efficiency, durability, minimal loss, fever and greatly reduce LED to reduce the LED light failure, extend the service life of the LED up to 3. 60000 hours, or more than 10 years. 3, safety, high solar street lamp when installation, maintenance and use very low power electric shock risk, not easily damaged, high voltage, safety concerns and ordinary street lamp is bigger. 4, maintenance costs low solar street light work stable, compared with the ordinary street lights maintenance cost is much lower. 5, conditionality small solar street light is a use of solar energy street light, as a source of energy is not affected by power supply, don't have to ditch burying line, do not consume conventional energy, as long as the sunny on-site installation. 6, big countries support the solar industry bring enormous economic, social and environmental benefits, national and local governments have taken measures to vigorously support the development of solar energy related industries, encourage the development of applications and products.
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