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Solar street lamp intelligent control brightness!

by:SRS     2020-12-18

although many consumers in the purchase of solar street lamps, we all need to know the customer's requirements on for a few hours, can give customers configuration of solar battery and the capacity of the solar panels, we will find that in many cases, the customer will require the design of the solar street light time can meet the lighting more than ten hours every night.

but in most cases, we require the solar street light more than 10 hours at night, is not to say that a little is the requirement of solar street light more than 10 hours illumination brightness is stable, because in the middle and late of the situation, by contrast, travel to vehicles and pedestrians are tiny, the solar street lamp brightness can be relatively lower, in this case is completely can reduce power operation of the solar street light. If using ordinary street lamp, but it is hard to can arbitrarily change the power of lamps and lanterns, solar street light is different, it can use solar energy controller to change the power and brightness, automated intelligent adjustable light, of course this automation the light is not random, but based on local statistics of traffic flow to set.

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