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Solar street lamp installation embedded depth and the height of the light pole

by:SRS     2020-06-24

In assuming a successful solar street lamps, construction design unit according to the length of the light pole above the ground by calculating the depth of the foundation decision, to ensure that the solar street light in use process will not be shaking, dumping, etc. Factory in the design and construction, solar street lamp designers consider problem is divided into the following several aspects:geological effects on the depth of foundation  different geological for solar street lamps light pole embedded parts of the force is not the same, can withstand the pressure are also different, so the construction design base degree of qualitative soft decision embedded light pole height and the leakage in proportion to the height, to ensure that the solar street light shaking, dumping will not occur. This is also need to pay attention to in the process of installing solar street lamps. Location for the influence of embedded depth  mountain is larger, sharp panels and solar street lamps will produce larger wind resistance, so in the mountains, and open to erect solar street lamp, embedded depth is greater than the urban complex in solar street light, its reason even if in order to resist wind and open panels and solar street lamp light pole of wind resistance, thus affecting the stability of the solar street light. The importance of the corresponding weight base in some special construction area, design the builder would recommend appropriate weight base, because under the special environment, especially the large wind or relatively soft geological areas, increasing base and increase the base for the stability of the solar street light has a great help, especially the concrete base, can greatly increase the stability of the solar street lamps, in order to prevent the dumping, shaking in use process, influence the normal solar street lamps lighting effect, reduce the maintenance inputs. Before presupposes that solar street lamps, the construction unit to erect position investigates in detail the specific circumstances of solar street lamps, formulated and calculated the most reasonable embedded depth, the depth and the leakage is directly proportional to the light pole height should be. 
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