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Solar street lamp, illuminates the way home

by:SRS     2021-02-02
Solar street lamps, light the road home lights, let the city of lights, let drift people no longer fear. Fast rhythm of life in big cities, first-tier cities and even the city that never sleeps, so every night street light energy quantity is considerable. However, with the constant improvement of the people environmental protection consciousness, the use of solar energy street light became the trend of The Times, here we come to the simple look at the solar street light what are the advantages? 1. Energy conservation and environmental protection, , as the name implies, is the use of solar energy street lamp lighting and functions. During the day, solar panels absorb solar energy, for solar battery. Release of solar energy in the evening, with Bai Tianchong of electric lighting. As people invented solar panels conversion rate is higher and higher, even during the day the bad weather, the sun is not very enough, solar street light also can still night escort to the pedestrian. 2. Acoustic features many have the function of voice control, especially at the gate of the village, or shop at the door, in order to better energy saving, also in order not to disturb people's life work and rest, only on the road the pedestrian street light will bright when making noises, and truly realize the goal of the walk which bright, the road is too dark tap them can, solar street light for every night of passers-by to illuminate the journey ahead of the street light is not very convenient?
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