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Solar street lamp, can use a few years is not bad?

by:SRS     2021-03-08
Solar street lamp, can use a few years is not bad? Online rumors about solar street light has a lot of, especially some of the negative reports, solar street lamp installation about somewhere soon, almost all is not bright, or the solar street light because the light pole is weak, the wind blown down, or the solar street lamp brightness is too low, almost no lighting, rendering these negative news, let the solar street lamps in people's heart has a very bad influence, and produced a problem: solar street light? A few years can not bad? Aiming at this problem, we have to clarify that as solar street lamps factory, solar street light is a very good product, very much, what ordinary street lamp does not have advantages, such as, less energy consumption, low price, easy installation, stable performance is good, and so on. We employed more than 10 years of experience, the average service life of solar street lamps in 6 - 8 years or so, not like the news said, soon is out of order, that is, indeed, very extreme, rare case, is the year of 2018, we installed in hanzhong city in shaanxi province in 2013, more than 400 solar street lamp, only two to change controller, 2010 xinjiang kashgar installed more than 100 solar street light, have occurred this year has run out of battery life phenomenon, is now in the replacement battery production, and preparing to send to change the past, our Inner Mongolia region 2012 installed more than 100 solar street light, so far without evidence of extensive damage has occurred. Shaanxi one customer recently make a phone call to place an order, the guest has been with us for the goods before, but the way is about 2 years to get goods less, today just know, these two years he is take the goods with another supplier, we are the solar street light is more expensive than the average price of 100 yuan a light, so chose the guests. Guest found in use, we send solar street lamp installation for four or five years, but there is little bad, sometimes very few appear a little problem, it is ok to change the controller, but another is not the case, solar street light after the installation is complete, about half a year, have been a variety of large and small problems, first is to screen out the controller, the controller all changed after droop problem happened ( Is the point of the lamp is dark, dark) from day to day , manufacturer also not give change, the guests had to call me, I don't know what is his lamp, thought is to help his friends get released to him, let him to reduce the brightness, reduce light failure, the result barely lasted six months, the street lamp battery then started to appear problem,,,, with more than two years, was because can save more than 100 a lamp, the result it will lose 300 yuan a lamp, run alone spent more than ten thousand! It is 300 kilometres from his home to know site! After hearing the story of the customer, I turn out the purchase order to him, the profits of a set of solar street lamps, is 5%, the profit is very reasonable for solar street light industry, the survival of enterprises is the need to profit, the guest finally know why our price is higher than others, the quality is better than others. Summary, so far our products, the service life of the solar street lamps - 6 Eight years can be got.
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