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Solar street lamp and the combination of the Internet of things applications

by:SRS     2020-07-31

Solar street lamp is closely related to People's Daily life municipal public facilities, at present, most of the cities in China's lighting control and management are still using the traditional model, road street and city night view lighting switch from each box or distribution independent clock control, can't accurate the unity of control and management, in addition to partially implemented street lamp monitoring of transformer, where most of the street lamp is by manual inspection of the traditional management mode, resulting in solar street lamp cable, lamps and lanterns city solar street lamp facilities such as theft and man-made damage is serious, with time, road, scene management goal is a far cry from scientific lighting mode; Especially when the concentrated light dramatic change of current and voltage instantaneous the tremendous impact of special transformer and lamps and lanterns, often cause equipment damage, greatly shorten the service life of equipment, increase the maintenance cost of urban lighting. In this context, we draw lessons from the domestic and international latest technology, automatic control and energy saving management set many years of experience in automation system of product development and engineering implementation, on the basis of street lamp energy saving and management requirements, adopting the advanced embedded controller technology, GPRS/CDMA/GSM network data transmission technology, network monitoring and management technology, successfully developed based on the Internet of things technology of wireless sensor network ( WSN) Solar street lamp energy-saving control system. Wireless sensor network application in terms of street lamp monitoring products are rare, and its characteristics are very suitable for street lamp monitoring requirement, the wireless sensor network node with the street light detection, dimmer, control integration in together, realize individual control of each lamp, ad-hoc network through the wireless sensor network to realize remote monitoring of energy saving of all lights. So the WSN street lamp energy saving and comprehensive intelligent control system has realized the street lamps, has realized the time-sharing, reasonable light distribution points sections, scene; A variety of integrated use of energy saving method, has realized the streetlights precise management, can achieve more than 30% of the street lamp energy saving effect, to improve the efficiency of energy utilization, alleviate tensions in energy is of great significance. 
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