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Solar power highlight the superiority in the rural areas

by:SRS     2020-12-28

the sustainable utilization of solar energy as a renewable energy. Solar manufacturers use solar power can help solve the problem of electricity in rural and remote areas in China, to solve the rural power, road lighting facilities mainly in solar photovoltaic systems, solar lighting, for example, can fully embody the superiority on the implementation of solar products in the countryside.

first of all, we talk about the household photovoltaic power generation systems for installation in the design of the roof. Solar photovoltaic panels to select installation Angle, make a year to receive as much as possible of solar radiant energy, due to the rural no skyscrapers, absorb solar energy can be widespread, so the rural photovoltaic solar power stations are more able to exert its power.

led solar street light system and solar power, no electricity costs, equipment update cost mainly concentrated on the update cost of lamps and lanterns, while led is higher than cost of high pressure sodium lamp, but high pressure sodium lamp and led lamp life than approximately 1:10, high pressure sodium lamp to replace 10 times, led lights need to replace one, for remote rural areas, the installation of rural led solar street light later maintenance, maintenance, more simple, the general configuration of led solar street light in a normal use cycle, can appear in the economic advantages.

in terms of laying cost and power consumption, solar street lamp does not need to be laying cable, electric consumption, and the larger the area, decorate the more the number of installation. Not only reduce the burden of regional energy, and at the same time reduce the use of coal and CO2 emissions, to have a huge environmental and social benefits, achieve real pollution-free green lighting.

given all this, led solar street light and solar photovoltaic power generation in rural areas has great advantage of application of solar energy product development has helped many poor areas to solve the difficulties and electricity at night without lights, solar products is to help their research and development, solar factory research and development of solar products more and more nowadays, appealed for the use of solar energy products to create a pollution-free green environment!

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