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Solar panels solar street lamps how to distinguish good or bad?

by:SRS     2021-02-18
Solar photovoltaic panels in the field of new energy plays a vital role, as long as it is solar energy photovoltaic products require solar panels, it USES a very wide range, and the quality of the solar panel component is directly related to the led solar street light efficiency of the play. Very much, but the current solar panel manufacturer inferior there still exists a lot of solar panels, some ordinary users of solar panels is not very understanding, may be when the choose and buy solar panels is quite a headache, I'll introduce you to judge the good and bad of solar panels! 1, see positive examined toughened glass surface, some solar panels manufacturer in order to improve the production speed, often don't accidentally dropped in toughened glass on the surface of silica gel, not * * will affect the efficiency of the panels. 2, see cell many informal manufacturers with broken battery slice, what seems to be a complete cell composed of welding, there is a big risk, this way may not be very obvious, the early late but spliced cell easily broken again, affects the use of the whole piece of panels. 3, see the back to see the effect after the back pressure, pressure and uneven, such as bubbles, fold marks, such as the solar panels is not qualified. 4, firm whether see junction box after box, junction box lid can firmly, closely on the junction box; Can see if wire wire locks is free to rotate to tighten. Above 4 point is you must be aware of when buying solar panels, photovoltaic products because power is power board, so you must take more attention to when buying solar panels to observe!
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