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Solar one-piece lamps must be attention to the problem of heat dissipation

by:SRS     2020-07-15

Both in terms of environmental protection or from the long-term interests to choose solar one-piece street lamp is the right thing to do, but it is affect use heat treatment is not good. Look at the introduction of solar street lamp factory in jiangsu.As you know, solar one-piece street lamp operation principle is very simple, is to make solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy during the day, and stored in the battery through the controller system, in the evening in the control system for battery power supply electric appliances, which is led light source power, lighting effect. Solar one-piece street light under the street light long time continuous work, such as the heat dissipation module not effective heat dissipation, can affect the service life of the sun yat-sen integrated solar street light and luminous performance. Light emitting heat belongs to the small scale of concentrated heat, application in high power lamps, power input power is big also, LED the interface temperature is quite high, one-piece heat treatment is more sensitive to temperature, solar street lamp need to review the radiator processing, theoretically aluminum radiator materials is more appropriate, but also distinguish between insert car aluminum, aluminum, cast aluminum. Also is the radiator with the light source and aluminum plate, aluminum shell area of contact between each other, will directly affect the core temperature of LED chip conduction and heat dissipation effect. 
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