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Solar led the trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction

by:SRS     2020-12-26

solar street lamps factory on the street lamp lighting system of our country on the design and operation of more consideration to the use of energy saving, with scientific management and advanced technology to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction. Implementation of this decision is not just the implementation of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction is an important content of normal, as well as the local government can be one of the ways to reduce spending.

now facing cities of huge energy consumption by urban lighting, each management department attaches great importance to the local government and street lamps, lower power consumption, reduce electricity costs has been a government department in one of the problems with thinking and exploring. However, due to the lack of advanced technical guidance and scientific management, many places although a certain amount of energy conservation and emissions reduction measures were taken, but the effect is not ideal.

a few local street lamp management tried to through the middle of the night light, lamp or unilateral lamp method to reduce power consumption. These measures are not fully consider the actual lighting demand of the modern city, for the public security management and traffic safety at night left a great hidden trouble, counter to its original intention of city street lamp system planning and setting. Nowadays there is a new type of energy lamp that is solar street light, solar street light is not only beautiful but energy conservation and consumption reduction.

is a set of independent power supply system, solar street lamps are not affected by the influence of the source, do not need to do buried pipe engineering excavation road, site construction and installation is very convenient. Good comprehensive economic benefit. Especially in road has been built to establish street lamp is very convenient. In the suburbs road, park road, coastal scenery complementary street lamp installed on roads and highways have obvious advantages than conventional street lamp.

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