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Solar LED technology related technical requirements

by:SRS     2020-07-16

With the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar led lighting products is a new generation of green lighting products, its main components including solar photovoltaic cells ( PV technology) And semiconductor lighting source. Because the LED solar lamp integrates the advantages of solar photovoltaic and LED solid-state lighting solar LED lighting system, implements a new generation of energy and the perfect combination of new light source.  a, first to learn about the solar lamps and lanterns:  solar photovoltaic power generation technology can with perfect combination of LED lighting is the key to both for the low voltage direct current (dc), and can match each other. So a combination of both don't need to solar cells produce direct current into alternating current (ac), thus greatly improving the efficiency of the entire lighting system. At the same time, by using grid technology or use battery energy, make its advantages more apparent.  1, solar panels ;2, charge and discharge controller ; 3, battery;4, load; 5, lamps shell;2, design problems that should pay attention to when using: ( LED lawn lamp, for example);1, the characteristics of the LED is close to the zener diodes, working voltage change 0, 1 v, about 20 ma current job may change. For safety, normally use series current limiting resistor, great energy loss is obviously not suitable for solar energy lawn lamp, and LED brightness change with working voltage. The booster circuit is a good idea, you can also use simple constant current circuit, anyhow must automatic current limit, otherwise will damage the LED.  2, general LED the peak current of 50 ~ 100 ma, reverse voltage of 6 v or so, be careful not to exceed this limit, especially in solar cells or battery light, high peak voltage booster circuit, is likely to exceed this limit, damage to the LED. 3, LED temperature characteristics, temperature 5 ℃, the flux decline 3%, use should pay attention to summer.  4, working voltage large discreteness, the same model, LED the working voltage of the batch has certain differences, should not be used in parallel. You have to use a parallel flow should be considered.5, super bright white LED color temperature of 6400 k to 30000 k. At present, the low color temperature of super bright white LED is still not to enter the market, thus made of ultra-high bright white LED solar lawn light penetration is poorer, so should pay attention to in the optical design. < / p > < p > 6, electrostatic effect on ultra-high bright white LED is very big, when installation should have anti-static facilities, workers should wear anti-static wrist. Ultra-high bright white LED by electrostatic damage might be naked eye look not to come out, but will shorten service life.  7, system combination should pay attention to the light sensitive sensors, solar lamp need light-operated switch, some designers often use photosensitive resistance to automatically turn off the lights, solar battery itself is actually a very good light sensitive sensors, use it to do the photosensitive switch, features better than photosensitive resistance. To the problem is the application of solar garden light, but to use only a vni - 1 and 2 Cd battery, solar lawn lamp, solar energy battery components is composed of four pieces of solar battery series, low voltage, voltage lower under low light, and voltage is below 0, 7 days no black v, causing light-operated switch failure. In this case, as long as a direct coupling amplifier transistors, can solve the problem. 8, according to the battery voltage control the load size, solar lamp tend to continuous rainy day can maintain time requirement is very high, which adds to the cost of the system. We are in continuous rainy days reduce when the battery voltage LED or energy-saving lamps access number, or reduce the solar lamp luminous time every day, reducing the cost of the system. 9, flashing light, coming on the fading is a good way to saving energy, it can increase the solar energy lawn lamp irradiation effects on the one hand, on the other hand can twinkle by changing the duty ratio control battery average output current, extend working hours system, or under the same condition, can reduce the cost. summary: the solar cell is a huge p-n junction, which convert solar energy to electricity. Leds are another PN junction can convert electricity to light, its conversion efficiency in the constantly improve, believe that will soon be reached level of energy-saving lamps, and service life can be up to 100000 hours, this is the true sense of green lighting. 
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