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Solar LED street light with the perfect combination of new energy and light

by:SRS     2020-12-30
The basic principle of solar LED lighting system automatically, is in the sun, solar panels convert light energy into electrical energy to the battery charging, and electrical energy stored in the battery. In the night, the battery power for semiconductor light-emitting diode LED rechargeable light lighting effect. System adopts fully automatic working way, without human intervention, sound, light or delay control mode, can be used to do in the light, people walk (lights went out Refers to the corridor, corridor, etc. ) Or dark or bright, delay time to turn off the lights, Refers to the road and courtyard, attractions, etc. ) 24 hours per day or Chang Ming eternal ( Refers to the underground parking lot, tunnel, etc. ) 。 Of continuous rainy days, the system can be set according to the number of days ( 5 - 7 days) Normal work. The lighting device is the 21st century a new generation of energy ( Solar energy, wind energy, etc. ) With a new generation of light source, Semiconductor LED) The perfect combination of the most direct, the most economic. Technical features of solar LED street lamp lighting system automatically embodies in the following aspects: the features and advantages of the one is the analog and digital hybrid control technology. Solar LED lighting control system, adopting the photosensitive element to detect the evening light intensity, the input analog signal to the control system, through the process of digital circuit, implement in an appropriate degree of dark lighting circuit automatically when open, and intelligently with some brief than the darkness of the night lighting. The second is more light share a solar photovoltaic system. All solar lighting lamps and lanterns USES the centralized power supply, centralized control technology, and had charge protection device. Corridor, corridor lighting each building with a lighting system; Road, yard, area, lawn lighting also adjust measures to local conditions using rod more large light share a set of solar photovoltaic, storage and control system, the lamps and lanterns from several to dozens of pole, solar panels to power from hundreds to a few kilowatts. Its advantage is the reasonable design preparation, save the solar panels; For analog to digital control of the set or reset; To use external power automatic switching charging, automatic tracking the sun panels, and the new technology; Strong adaptability, without being limited by the lighting condition, the shade, near the corridor, basement, and tunnel can also be used; Without considering the influence of the prescribed by ritual law, snow load on the light pole, can reduce the cost of lamps and lanterns and foundation; Battery placed centrally, easy maintenance, replacement and the work state. Three is to use semiconductor luminous element LED as light source assembly lamps and other large lighting lamps and lanterns. Do with the LED light source assembly small lamps and lanterns more, but on the lamps and lanterns of solar street lamps and other large domestic commonly used energy-saving light source. Four is the battery working state control. Battery is the key to solar lighting components. Because the system must have the redundancy design, battery capacity relative demand is bigger, thus affecting the work activity, gradually reduce the effective capacity. Flexible choice of battery capacity in the system, intelligent, and a charge and discharge and the pour sufficient protection Settings, effective capacity of the battery time can be doubled or so, the technology in large street light system and large landscape lighting system application effect is particularly obvious. Fifth, solar photovoltaic and mains switch technology. The rainy season or winter every year, there will be a continuous 1 - east China 2 weeks this rainy weather, causing solar automatic lighting system capacity is insufficient, affect the normal lighting. A pole lamp, a traditional control part, a photoelectric conversion ChuGong occasional electric parts considered plum rains season, winter rainy day for one to two weeks, every lamp solar panels, battery redundancy is larger, otherwise the case will not be able to work. Small solar LED lighting system redundancy, scientific and reasonable, can guarantee the normal work of the year, fully able to adapt to the regional difference of climatic differences. So saving automatic solar LED lighting system of solar panels, battery of about a quarter, and reduce the cost and product pricing. Outdoor lighting professional solar street lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in outdoor lighting project or have any questions, welcome to click, welcomed the call

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