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Solar led street light replacement of traditional street lamps

by:SRS     2021-01-14
Based on the traditional solar led street light and lanterns structure, intelligent controller, reflector lamp Angle updates and technical improvements, solar led street light emitting more even, the overall brightness higher and lower cost. Flat LED combination of column and torch light source structure, by reasonable control flat ultra-high brightness white LED installation Angle of technology, not only can make smooth effect strengthening, and the combination of light energy only about 4 w, the brightness of the light emitted by up to 20 w energy-saving lamps or 40 w incandescent lamp brightness, can be more effective use of solar energy. Light source - in the field of street lamp combination - Cross and rectangular light source technology, give full play to the flat LED medallion Angle big good evenness and the round head LED point light area of the advantage of high brightness, make the two complement each other, the maximum photosynthetic efficiency. In the controller, the use of solar photovoltaic technology, after completion of the electrical energy reserves, battery to provide light source 12 v dc power supply, make the light source produces white light 6500 k, realizing the maximization of electrical energy collection. The exquisite innovation technology, for use in the promotion of solar led street light made full preparation. LED energy saving a quarter than energy-saving lamps, at the same time, also has a high quality light, no radiation, reliable and durable, the advantages of the maintenance cost is very low, belongs to typical green lighting source. And now the successful development of ultra bright LED, its costs to quote or close to power frequency ac lighting system die erste installation price, more make become a development trend of solar led street light.
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