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Solar LED street light price is how come of

by:SRS     2020-12-30

the price of the commercial trade is the key to the inevitable, everyone wants to buy cost-effective, high quality and cheap products. Street light project developers, LED street is also very concerned about price, sometimes even more than the quality problem of the solar led street light, and LED street, cheap, LED lights manufacturers again remind all buyers outdoor street, bear in mind that the prices of the goods, responsible for outdoor lighting project, should not be confused the slogan of cheap inferior products.

the price of the LED street lamp is composed of several aspects. If a complete set of LED street light price calculation, the main price is divided into three parts: light source, lamp, LED street lamp power supply, lamp posts, segment and distinguish between the size of the lamps and lanterns, size and the speed of light, LED lighting power in watts to differentiate the brand, the pole height, material thickness, the difference, in a small part of the packaging cost, buried cage is also the price. In general, is the price of solar led street light according to the specific needs of the configuration, there is no standard pricing, seems to be the same as the LED street lamp configuration, often can match the price of several different with different configuration corresponding to different price, so how to LED lamp manufacturers price right? In general, the LED street light industry more mature now, the price is more and more transparent, LED street lamp project buyers also know a better price. Generally speaking, in addition to the cost of all, plus 5% 10% of corporate profits is basically in the face of the market price. Price than the price of solar street light LED street constitute a relatively simple, relatively good calculation comparison, the same configuration of the price difference is smaller and smaller.

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