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Solar LED street light in low temperature environment will appear what problem?

by:SRS     2021-01-17
In solar led solar street light, in all parts of the chip is equivalent to the human brain, in the whole solar street lamp lighting system have the effect of central control, there is a chip, silica gel, Or resin) , metal stents, and lead the expansion coefficient mismatch between phenomenon, or if it's in the highlands plot of temperature difference of temperature difference is bigger in the expansion coefficient will be larger, expansion and contraction intensifies, the device internal stress is too large, if internal stress which can lead to internal LED traverse points cheap distance increases, thus greatly reduce the service life of the wire. At the same time can also lead to some weld sealing off phenomenon, moreover the LED chip appear statified fall off. temperature variations of solar LED street light another important influence is the operation condition of the drive in very cold conditions. From the perspective of the use effect of on the market now, if it is possible at very low temperatures can't normally open status.
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