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Solar LED street lamp intelligent lighting a new development direction

by:SRS     2021-01-18
Led street lamp intelligent lighting system to the development of the Internet of things, the Internet of things will be the future development trend of the development of led lighting system, will also face enormous challenges, the Internet of things from the early years to present development has brought a lot of convenient, with the development of the network of merchants from all walks of life have to stand up for itself enterprise storage most invalid break mouth. Iot gradually throughout the town career will be more intelligent, that's what led street lamp lighting industry a new development direction. With the high-speed development of Internet, merchants from all walks of life have to stand up for itself enterprise storage most invalid break mouth. Iot gradually throughout the town career will be more intelligent, that is a futile lighting industry development trend. This two or three years, the development of the Internet is to people is hard to imagine the progress of the rapid retreat. The Internet of things is a kind of new high technology, can through the intelligence platform, the stays inside and facilities of all nationalities together, which include lighting facilities, the rest of the electrical appliance and fixed facilities, brings many benefits for the user, such as career more inconvenience, more intelligent, and can save energy. In the size of the various administrative division explicitly banned incandescent lamp, after 2014 time to transition to a LED street lamp lighting skills the most futile. As close to how many years with the rapid development of civil economy, especially the real estate business processes, make the need lighting industry rapidly straight on, it has also come under the discretion of the government and relevant enterprises pay attention to, in the north to guangzhou, such as in town, the experience of several digital library have also, attract the producer's black eyes expressionless. Gooee vice President JohnCouch signalled that by 2019, adopt the skills of Internet of things intelligent lighting pieces will be available in hardware and services above bring about $550 billion of earnings for architecture, the hardware marketing of income was only about $50 billion. Iot skills can contact intelligent network lighting and lamps and lanterns of all nationalities, as many as 80% of water consumption to thrift. Relevant organizations in statistics after lighting production in mainland China in 2014, the outlook to the 2015 China lighting property about the enterprise to break two m. In following up the simultaneous large forces also need lighting product, in the development of the area is more widely used in LED lighting as the center, to continue to produce and renovation, make the traditional industry can also on the downstream in the new dynasty. Iot industry development skills, be sure to watch out some potential coerce, such as validation and superabundant, inadequate transmission encryption screen, and the web page of insurance, the cloud and fixed use interface. The future lighting industry need to attract the essence of the business and developing diversification, the commonness of the mall, and also need to ding efforts on developing skills of broken, thus initiative to producers, to the enterprise is very promising.
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